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Audit Services


We provide auditing services in accordance with the accounting standard and the standard of the revenue department.

Our service

1. Annual auditing to submit financial statement to Department of Business Development (DBD)

2. Quarter Review to assure the quarterly financial statement are correct.

3. Special Audit according to customer needs such as internal audit, fraud audit and specific audit purpose.

Accounting Services


We provide with a team of high qualified Thai accountant to service all accounting needs to our client as required by Thai law. Furthermore, we will present the financial report every month to monitor the performance of your business.

Our Service

1. Record accounting transaction with the cloud accounting software.

2. Prepare tax form which must be submitted every month to Revenue Department and Social Security .

3. Prepare  and submit annual financial statement including corporate income tax to the relevant agencies.

Tax & Advisory


We provide tax advice to minimize tax expense and to ensure which is the legal way and we also deliver advice for your business In many dimensions, both in the accounting system and internal control process.


Our service

1. Tax planning.

2. Implement accounting system.

3. Testing internal control.

4. Implement and organize the inventory system.

5. New business registration.

Training & Seminar


We provide training in matters such as accounting, taxes, presentations, program use. In business organizations and government agencies.

Our service

1. Accounting & Tax training.

2. Software training such as Excel (Pivot), Power BI and PowerPoint for presentation.

3. Presentation skill training.

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